Print your own: Tombola Game

My 5-year-old daughter and I really enjoy tombolas – whether at the Church Fete, or just at a charity one in Tesco this morning. So, I decided to make our own for us to play together.

It went down brilliantly and we took it in turns to be the seller and buyer.  The thrill of winning was still there, even though the ‘prizes’ were just her own toys with a number selotaped to them!

I saved the file for the numbers as a PDF, so if you fance a go with your child just download, print and get cutting!

Download “Print your own: Tombola Game” print-your-own-tombola-game.pdf – Downloaded 1180 times – 23 KB

Recovering data from a WD My Cloud

I recently had a WD My Cloud drive stop working on me and had a huge panic when I realised my manual backing -up procedure was months out of date. I googled the problem (solid red light, if you’re interested) and was assured that the correct solution was to return to the manufacturer for a replacement.

This drive was, however, being used as my office server and therefore I needed it up and running asap.  I decided therefore to open up the WD My Cloud case to remove the drive inside.  Not the easiest thing to do, but I got there in the end.

As you can see in the picture above, it contained a WD Red NAS hard drive.  Now, I wouldn’t reccommend WD for many things, but their NAS drives are considered the best, so I was confident that my data was still on there somewhere.

testdisk2TestDisk – Data recovery software

After putting the drive into my desktop PC various drives appeared automatically, but don’t click on any of them as Windows would very much like to reformat them (!) – instead download TestDisk – a clever piece of data recovery software that will read the drives and copy out the files you want recovered.

More then that, it can also see files that have been deleted, but not over-written.  This allows you to recover files you deleted accidentally.

I have a new server in the office now – one with a proper automatic backup facility.  But it’s good to know that free software like TestDisk exists – you never know when it will be needed again!

Can’t log into Flixster App on Amazon Fire TV Stick

So, in the hope of finding a suitable way to watch my UltraViolet movies on my telly, I went out an purchased the Amazon Fire TV Stick – mainly due to this review which said the Flixster App worked.

Now, you might expect all apps to work, but if you’ve used Flixster on any other device, you’ll know that’s not quite true.

Sadly, when I loaded it up for the first time and tried to log in, it said my username and password were incorrect.  I double-checked a few times, but sure enough the same error message occurred.


OK, so I’m sorry Flixster, but this time it was my fault.  It seems that when I registered on Flixster, I used my Google account as a ‘single sign-on’.  This means that when i log into Flixster, i actually used my Gmail username and password.

All i needed to do was reset my password on and try again.  I’m not saying resetting your password on flixster is easy, but that was the solution.

I hope this helps someone!